Tong’s Tropical Fish Pet and Supplies

Ok, this place isnt perfect but despite that I would recommend this place to anyone who lives around the downtown area.

First of all a big plus would be the PARKING! You all know what I’m talking about. Parking around downtown LA / westlake/ silverlake areas can be such a pain that I often just give up and do something else.

Tong’s is located conveniently off the 110 freeway and is close to Exposition park. It’s in a big plaza where you have ample parking . The area is a bit shabby but it’s worth the trip here since it’s convenience.

When you go inside you will see rows and rows of freshwater tanks. Unfortunately they do not have salt water, but if you are looking for an interesting variety of freshwater fish Tongs should do the trick.

In terms of selection they have everything. They have all sorts of exotic fish , and have some crazy BIG MONSTER FISH  in the tanks in the back. The staff there are all trained and helpful , and can give you recommendation in regards to which fish will get along with your current tank or if you are starting a new one.

The prices are rather competivive, considering the size of their fish. Compared to Petsmart and some other places you can get a larger , healthier fish for a lower price!

Also they have some very cool rocks and decor I haven’t seen at other places. They have some cool drift wood as well. However they don’t have too many plants which I wish they stocked more of.

I actually called the store with a small emergency haha and the lady who answered the phone actually helped me out and was very sweet about it!

Whats really nice is they have an adorable cat that roams around the store. I guess that would be torture for a normal cat, but thisone doesnt seem to mind. It’s probably blocked out all the swimming prey out of her peripheral vision.

Overall this a good place to go if you want some larger more exotic fresh water fish. They also carry some bizzare neon stuff that glows under a black light . I got a cool fish that had a heart, yes a HEART on it.