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Cat owner makes himself look ‘utterly insane’ at a pet store, he recalls in viral Reddit post

Cats make people crazy all the time, what with their constant tomfoolery and lasagna-demanding tendencies. But one anonymous cat owner admitted to looking “utterly insane” at his local pet store, with no one to blame but himself.

The cat owner, who shared his story on Reddit, claims he and his partner frequently visit a local pet store to buy food and toys for their own cats. During these trips, they also stop by the store’s in-house adoption center to take a look at the kitties.

“Another detail: My partner has a sister whose name we shorten to ‘Kat,’”

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‘Find my cat’: Reddit user posts photo of living room, challenges Internet to find hidden pet

Tens of thousands of Internet users have become beguiled by a photo that purports to show a hidden cat, most likely because this now passes for spellbinding entertainment in our current reality.

The photo, which was first uploaded last week, allegedly shows the living area and hallway of Reddit user pizzaslayer111’s home.

“Find my cat in this photo,” wrote pizzaslayer111 next to a photo that, seemingly, did not picture any cats, let alone pizzaslayer111’s cat specifically.

But alas, the cat is indeed there, confirming that: A) pizzaslayer111 is not a liar; and B) that pizzaslayer111 should quit slaying

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