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3-10+ years depending on species


1” to 12” + depending on species


Tropical fish – 76-78 degrees F

Goldfish/koi – 65-72 degrees F


With the exception of goldfish and koi, the majority of freshwater aquarium fish come from tropical to sub-tropical regions of the world. Depending on where they come from, freshwater aquarium fish will require different water parameters. Size and temperament can vary considerably between fish as well, even between fish found in the same part of the world. See the listing at the end of this care sheet to guide your choice and combination of fish for your aquarium. Many commonly kept species are now bred in captivity while others are still wild caught. To help reduce the number of fish collected from the wild, try to buy captive bred fish whenever possible.


Freshwater aquarium fish come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They all share basic physical characteristics such as gills used for breathing, a lateral line organ on their side to sense vibrations (look closely!), and fins for moving around their environment.


Most fish are diurnal, or most active during

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Aquarium Fish | Pet Fish

Keeping fish as pets is a popular choice for many people. If you don’t have a lot of space or time to care for another type of pet like a dog or cat, a fish could be an excellent option. With their lower maintenance, tranquil presence, and low cost of ownership fish can be a ‘starter pet’ for children and young adults, or a long term pet for anyone that prefers less lower ongoing responsibility. Fish are also often more affordable than keeping dogs, cats, or birds and pets. 

Advantages of Keeping Fish As Pets

There are many reasons to consider keeping fish as pets! Fish have many advantages compared to other pet types. 

  1. Fish are more quiet than other pets
  2. Fish are usually more affordable to purchase than traditional pets
  3. Fish are also usually more affordable to maintain than traditional pets
  4. Fish are lower maintenance than other pets. They do not form separation anxiety, destroy furniture, need to be let out to go to the bathroom, or have their tanks cleaned as often as other pets like reptiles and rodents.
  5. Pet fish can be beautiful to look at and provide a calming environment
  6. Pet fish do not need
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Do You Have A Fish Pet? This Is How You Can Take Care Of It

If you’ve got a fish pet, there’s no doubt about how beautiful and entertaining they are. They are wonderful. However, learning how to care for your fish may come off as difficult if it’s the first time.  

You need to understand that fishes are delicate aquatic animals. You wouldn’t want to mistakenly hurt them — that’s the last thing you want. 

Getting an aquarium is crucial in keeping them safe and healthy in a comfortable environment that’d help them grow. Even though they’re low maintenance pets that are easy to care for, fishes have special needs that need to be taken care of.  

The best ways you can care for your pet are listed here. While your care routine varies depending on the type of fish, these tips are would put you on the right track irrespective of the species. 

1. Create Enough Space

Water is the dwelling place of aquatic animals and one notable factor to note is the absence of physical boundaries. The fishes are usually free to move as they like. You might not be able to create an artificial sea for your pet, but you can ensure that your fish tank has enough space. 

Getting a

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Koi Fish For Sale | Live Pet Fish

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Betta Fish Care Sheet & Supplies

4 things to know about your betta

  • Bettas can live up to 3 years
  • They grow up to 3 inches long
  • Bettas can sometimes live with other peaceful community fish. However, you should only have one male or female betta in a tank without dividers and be prepared to remove the betta if they show signs of aggression towards other fish.
  • Bettas gulp air from the surface of their tank.

How do I set up my betta’s tank?

Bettas need an aquarium with a filter that is at least three gallons. Set up their new home at least one day before they arrive.

Aquarium & stand

  • The minimum size of the aquarium will depend on how many fish you have. For just a betta, the tank should be a minimum of 3 gallons.
  • If you plan to have lots of community fish, follow this formula to determine whether the tank should be even larger: the aquarium should have 1 gallon of water for every inch of fully-grown fish.
  • The aquarium should be near a power source, in a low-traffic area, away from direct sunlight and drafts.
  • Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. Pick a very sturdy, stable base for
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