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Pet Cats Fall For Optical Illusions Too : NPR

Ash the cat selects the Kanizsa square stimulus — in other words, the illusion of a square — in a new study in which pet owners provided the data.

Tara McCready

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Tara McCready

Ash the cat selects the Kanizsa square stimulus — in other words, the illusion of a square — in a new study in which pet owners provided the data.

Tara McCready

If you’ve spent any time around cats, you’ve probably noticed that they love to curl up in small, cozy boxes. What you may not know is that they’ll also go sit inside the two-dimensional outline of a square box on the floor. What’s more, a new study has found that pet cats will also spontaneously sit inside an optical illusion that merely looks like a square.

Believed to be the first of its kind, the study enlisted volunteers to observe cats in their homes, a strategy to avoid what has historically been the main impediment to studying feline cognition in the lab — cats’ notoriously uncooperative nature.

“Cats are funny, cats are weird and quirky, and we love them for it. And that makes them hard to study in some ways, because

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The Bidens’ White House cat should be the first of many new pets

But previous presidents didn’t limit themselves to dogs and cats — no sir. Many of the early office holders owned horses, as you’d expect of the time. Other farm animals also made their way to the White House grounds. Woodrow Wilson had a flock of sheep that trimmed the White House lawn, and the proceeds from wool they produced was donated to the Red Cross. Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter, owned a small fleet of ducks and an actual real-life pony named Macaroni. And William Howard Taft had Pauline Wayne, a Holstein cow, to provide him with fresh milk.

I was disappointed to learn when writing this that some of the tales of exotic pets living in the White House aren’t exactly true — or at least haven’t been confirmed. For example, the story of John Quincy Adams’ receiving a pet alligator from America’s favorite fighting Frenchman, Gen. Marquis de Lafayette, is apocryphal at best. So is the story about Martin Van Buren having to give up a pair of tiger cubs from the sultan of Oman.

But Van Buren did have to accept and then sell two Arabian horses from the sultan to avoid violating the emoluments clause of

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Pet Groomers in Los Angeles

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The 13 Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

Portrait Of Cat Sitting On Sofa At Home

Rob Alexander / EyeEmGetty Images

Despite the fact that cats are—by far—the most popular pet in the world (true story, there are more than 80 million of those furballs scampering around this planet), our feline friends get a lot of bad press. Haters assume that cats are selfish and unfriendly and won’t give their owners as much love or affection as dogs are known to do. What an injustice! Allow me to change your mind.

This wrong-headed assumption is rooted in the belief that cats don’t enjoy the company of humans. And while, yes, some cats can be loners and maybe even a little bit grouchy, there are actually a ton of breeds that love (and even thrive on!) human attention. I mean, according to Scientific American, cats literally taught themselves to meow in a certain pitch so that, in an effort to get humans to care for them, they sound like babies! That (a) is pretty dang smart and (b) shows that cats actually kinda want to spend time with us? Cool, not tryna be a cat fangirl, moving on.

If you’re thinking about getting a cat—which I assume you are because, hey, you’re here—why not choose

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Asian Woman’s Pet Cat Killed in Vicious Attack from Cruel Family on Walk

An Asian woman and her boyfriend are speaking out for the first time since they and their pets were brutally attacked by a cruel family whose blows ultimately led to their cat’s death on Easter Sunday.

ChaRee Pim wrote about the interaction on her Facebook account on Monday, noting that it had not happened to her and that she was only posting because the Thai woman involved was ready to speak up on the matter.

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Pim wrote that the couple took their dog, two cats and bird for an evening stroll on April 4 in a Brooklyn park when a boy approached them. A boy believed to be about 12 years old “snatched and pulled the [cat’s] leash up … into the air” before dropping the cat. The cat tried to get away but the boy allegedly stepped on the leash.

The cat, also known as Ponzu, managed to get away, but when his owners realized his back was bloodied, they turned their attention to the suspect. He ran to his family and according to Pim, the mother began verbally berating the

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