These three cats couldn’t leave behind a kitten.


It’s technically National Cat Day

But it’s more like National Cat Year.

With millions of Americans working at home or simply spending more time there because of the pandemic, they’re spending a lot more time with their pets than usual – not that their cats can be bothered to care.

(We, as cat lovers, are OK with that.)

More than one-third, or 34{37425de5ad535db010498538fa3ba07939468edcb2f1e01364969b57412d368a}, of pet owners have increased their pet-related spending since the pandemic began, according to a new survey by LendingTree. Only 17{37425de5ad535db010498538fa3ba07939468edcb2f1e01364969b57412d368a} are spending less, while the rest are spending about the same.

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Don’t tell cats, but the boom includes a big increase in spending on dogs.

As the economy flounders, though, some Americans are struggling to pay for the costs of owning a pet. 

An estimated 10 million pets could be