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If you are in search of the perfect pet, you have come to the right place. Click here for four reasons that fish make great pets for kids and families!

Fish make great pets. If you doubt that statement, continue reading below for four reasons fish make great pets. Who knows? These four points might even persuade you to adopt a fish yourself!

They Take Up Next To No Space

Some pets take up immense amounts of space by the time you have their cage, food, toys, and bed. Luckily, that is not the case for most fish. All you

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Man’s ‘crap’ pet portraits raise thousands for charity

Phil Heckels, 38, told CNN that his rise to internet stardom began six weeks ago when he was trying to get his 6-year-old son to make a thank you card for family.

He decided to draw the family dog, a black Labrador named Narla, to inspire his son, and later uploaded a photo of his work on Facebook alongside a jokey caption offering to sell it for £299 (around $390).

“It was pretty crap,” said Heckels, from Worthing, south England, who was surprised to be inundated with offers for the work.

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Pets for Adoption at Lifeline For Pets, in Monrovia, CA

Our Mission

Lifeline for Pets is a no-kill animal rescue group based in Pasadena, California. We provide care for homeless cats until a loving home can be found for them. We have many adorable and loving pets waiting for their forever homes. Our goal is to help these deserving animals have a long, happy life!

We know you have many choices, but the best reasons for you to adopt from us are:

a) being a small rescue, we know our cats extremely well and we work hard to find the best homes and the best fit for a

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The presence of pets in dune ecosystems is incompatible with the conservation of coastal birds

An investigation by the Department of Microbiology and Ecology of the University of Valencia published in the Ibis magazine warns about the impact of human activities –mainly dog walking– on one of the threatened bird species that reproduce in these ecosystems, the Kentish plover. The study calls for the adoption of measures that separate both uses and allow the coexistence between the recreational use of beaches and the conservation of birds.

Researcher from the University of Valencia Miguel Ángel Gómez-Serrano has just published research addressing the consequences of human activities on beaches on the reproduction of one of the threatened

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What They Look Like, How to Treat Them.

Our four-legged friends stand on their toes, ankles in the air, knees forward. Imagine doing that all day and you’ll have a better idea of the weight and stress your dog puts on his muscles and joints. It takes lots of energy, strength, and flexibility to chase squirrels, scratch behind ears, wrestle with playmates, jump on beds, and leap for toys.

Every now and then dogs overdo it, asking just too much of their front legs (shoulders, elbows, wrists, and toes) or back legs (hips, knees, ankles, and toes). Sprains and strains are common injuries.

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