Rescued cats, dog, hope to join your Thanksgiving

Buster, Scooter and Cat might not keep gratitude journals (it’s hard to write with paws, after all!) but they will spend every day showing how thankful they are for their forever families.

Melissa Hanejko
| Bucks County Courier Times

Thanksgiving is finally here, and pets everywhere are rejoicing. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for dogs and cats, filled with food, family and cozy nights.

Buster Brown, Cat and Scooter are all thankful to be safe and warm in their foster homes. The only thing they could appreciate even more is a forever home and family. 

Cat is

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Go fish: Tips for setting up aquarium in your home | Pets


When introducing multiple cats, put the new cat in a room with food, water and a litterbox and leave the door closed so the new cat can’t get out and the other cats can’t get in. (Pexels photo)

Dear Cathy: I have a 1-year-old male cat named Remy. He appeared on the doorstep this winter and has become quite the house pet. He is neutered and vaccinated, and an energetic companion with a great personality. We started to have problems during introductions to the other family cats. I have two 15-year-old cats and a 6-year-old cat named Tika. Remy has

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Should You Get A Dog Or Cat? Stories Of Pet Ownership In The Pandemic : Shots

Karen McCullough never wanted a dog. “It would have tied me down, and I had a great, very busy life,” she says.

Her career as a keynote speaker at conferences has taken her across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. “My job is to get everybody engaged, excited and ready to network,” she says.

McCullough loved the travel — “cool hotels and not worrying about having anything at home,” she says. “I don’t even have any live plants in the house.” As she sailed into 2020, she expected her best year yet.

Then “BOOM” — everything stopped, including conventions and conferences.

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Pets and the People Who Love Them: Bird rodeo brings multiple solutions | Lifestyles

Although the stated purpose of this column is for “Pets and the people who love them,” I’m going to take artistic license and write about a wild bird.

I’ve had limited experience with a bird as a pet. My newly married sister dropped one off at our home when I was a teen. Her mother-in-law was moving and couldn’t take the bird with her, so we wound up with it.

I think the bird’s name was “Corky.” No matter, I didn’t like him.

I preferred pets I could pet and cuddle. Birds aren’t that way. When I would place my

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Man saves pet dog from alligator’s jaws in Estero, encounter caught on video


A man risked his life to save that of his beloved puppy’s from the grip of an alligator, and it was all recorded by nearby surveillance cameras. Thankfully, both man and canine are OK.

The dramatic encounter in an Estero neighborhood was caught on record thanks to a partnership between the Florida Wildlife Federation and the fSTOP Foundation.

Richard Wilbanks says his instincts and adrenaline kicked in when a gator snatched his dog, Gunner, recently and dragged him into a pond. He immediately jumped into the water to save his pet.

We spoke to Wilbanks Friday, and

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